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Phoenix Landscape Services can provide all your hardscaping needs. Hardscapes are the features around your home that serve a function as well as add beauty and value to your home. Paver Patios, Pergolas, Decks, Outdoor Kitchens, Paver Walkways, Paver Driveways and Retaining walls are examples of Hardscaping. Our company has over fifteen years experience in the Hardscape Construction Industry and is an Authorized EP Henry Contractor and Rinox Preferred Contractor. Our employees are certified installers in accordance with ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) and NCMA (National Masonry Association).

Landscape Plans

The first thing you should do when thinking about your outdoor space is to make a plan of your yard and note all the positives (views, mature trees, usable spaces) and the negatives (no trees, close neighbors, a busy street). Your ideas and our expertise can help evaluate what needs to be incorporated or changed before your backyard becomes the landscape you will love and enjoy for years to come.

Patios See Patio Gallery Here

Your new patio or walkway should last a long time but it all starts with proper planning and proper construction. Patios can easily bring a new look to your yard and increase the value of your home. A new patio can redefine your backyard space and create a long lasting, beautiful outdoor living space. Multi-level patios, terraced retaining walls, and elegant walkways are just a few options of the many types of hardscape projects Phoenix Landscaping can create for you.

Back Yard – Before

Back Yard – with new patio and wall

Walkways See Walkways Gallery Here

We have hundreds of natural and formed pavers and stones to choose from for your next walkway project. We can show you product, suggest, plan and install just about any patio, walk or driveway that you can envision. Paver stone walkways require a gravel and sand base layer with small gaps in between. If you like the idea of a more casual walkway, you can lay larger pavers with wider spacing to create a stepping stone effect walkway that allows you to keep the grass between each paver. This also allows you to mow right over your walkway.

Outdoor Kitchens

There are many ways to incorporate a cooking area into your patio so you can enjoy preparing and serving food while entertaining or experiencing the relaxed atmosphere of your backyard. Outdoor kitchens are a great enhancement to any backyard patio. In today’s homes, the backyard has become an extension of your home’s living space and cooking and spending time outdoors is more popular than ever. Let Phoenix Landscaping help you create a unique outdoor kitchen and start using it right away.

Living Spaces

Whatever your reasons for considering an outdoor space, we can help turn that vision into a reality. One of the most common reason homeowners call us for an outdoor project is to create a relaxing and pleasing area to enjoy the outdoors and expand their usable outdoor space. Attractive wall materials can be used to construct seating walls, steps, or split level patios. We can also construct outdoor kitchens with built in grills, fire pits and fireplaces or maybe even an overhead structure such as a pergola, arbor or pavilion to help make your space more usable and interesting, and still maintain the openness of an outdoor living space.

Fireplaces / Fire Pits See Fire Pit Gallery Here

Deciding between a fire pit and fireplace is an important decision when creating your outdoor space. A fireplace gives off a romantic feel and you can even install a pizza oven! A fire pit also provides enjoyment and a campfire like atmosphere. Both extend your outdoor living time when the temperatures drop. However, they both have important differences that should be considered.


Including outdoor structures into your landscape plan can add a new dimension to your backyard. There are many options to choose from with different building and finishing materials that we have experience in building. Pergolas, outdoor kitchens, pool houses, gazebos, outdoor fireplaces, porches – let your imagination and our expertise recreate your yard.

Retaining Walls See Retaining Walls Gallery Here

Retaining walls can really improve the appearance of your property and a well built retaining wall can last decades, improve drainage and at the same time increase the usable flat areas of your yard. We have a huge variety of options to show you, from pre-fabricated block to natural rock.

Paver Driveways See Special Features Gallery Here

There are so many styles, colors and pattern designs that make concrete pavers an attractive option for your paving needs. Concrete pavers offer many design and material options to compliment your current landscape or your future landscape plans. A driveway that is constructed with concrete pavers will add a warm welcoming feeling to your home, give you great curb appeal, and a driveway product that is not affected by harsh weather and deicers.

Hardscaping - Increases the Value of Your Home

You can easily increase the value of your home or business with curb appeal from a professionally designed and installed paver patio, or a new paver walkway or driveway. Retaining walls can add additional usable outdoor space to your property too. Maybe you have a hillside or steep area that needs to be removed and supported with a retaining wall? Maybe you would like to have additional seating around your new paver patio with a seating wall, or just a little edging around your gardens with a garden wall? You’ll be amazed at all the options offered through Phoenix Landscape Design for your hardscaping needs.

Hardscape Design

Professional design, proper materials and installation by a certified contractor will guarantee your investment for a life time. We know more than anyone, that it may be hard to visualize your new hardscape project. That’s why we offer hardscape design so you will be able to see your new paver patio, outdoor living area, paver driveway, retaining wall, flagstone patio or paver walkway project prior to construction. Phoenix Landscape Services designers are involved from the drawing board to the final completion of the project. This company policy insures your dream project becomes a reality. All of our hardscape projects come with a two year warranty.